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     Product Features

    BDD Server

    The BDD Server consists of BDD Request Broker and particular BDD Database Agents. The BDD Request Broker is the component responsible for connection management between client and agents. Clients make requests for connections to the BDD Request Broker which, based on the information from the client and the mapping rules in the configuration file, start an BDD Database Agent for the Client to connect to.   

      The BDD Request Broker is a Generic server component that manages BDD service provider location, binding, instantiation.

    The BDD Database Agents are server based data access service providers, abstracting the underlying Call Level Interfaces (CLIs) of supported database engines via a uniform interface definition. As a result they are database specific in nature with respect to call database engines but generic in relation to the methods referenced by other Generic BDD client components.

  • High Performance
  • Support all native backend functionality
  • Intelligent meta data information handling
  • Adaptive Network Data Compression facility based on a zlib data compression library ( if network packet is more than 512 bytes, it will be compressed before a sending off )
  • Internationalization (Transliteration involves standard mechanisms and routines for converting between national character sets or code pages. It completely is configured in a server part. You need only to indicate a client code page and a server code page and create the file describing correspondence one characters by another).
  • BDD Database Agents for Ingres has support for stored procedure OUT parameters for
    OpenIngres 1.x and Ingres II.
    It do support these methods for the stored procedure OUT parameters. 
  • getString()
  • getBoolean()
  • getByte()
  • getShort()
  • getInt()
  • getLong()
  • getFloat()
  • getDouble()
  • getObject()
  • getBigDecimal()
  • wasNull()
  • getBytes()
  • getDate()
  • getTime()
  • getTimestamp( )

Operating Systems and Database Engines supported:

Operating System

Network protocol



Solaris 2.x TCP/IP

CA-Ingres 6.4,
CA-OpenIngres 1.x, 2.0,
CA-Ingres II

Windows NT/2000 TCP/IP CA-OpenIngres 1.x, 2.0
CA-Ingres II
Linux libc5, libc6 TCP/IP CA-Ingres II Freeware


     p.s. LONGVARCHAR and LONGBINARY temporarily have maximum length 32Kb.



     BDD JDBC driver

    The BDD JDBC driver is a generic high-perfomance Type 3 Driver for JDBC, that provide easy and fast access to remote database engines from JDBC complaint Java Application, Applets, Servlets and other.


  • High Performance
  • Classes avialable for JDK 1.1
  • Builtin database independent communications layer
  • Completely thread safe ( It can execute requests on multiple connections concurrently and will serialize multiple requests on the same connection )
  • Concurent access to heterogeneous datasources ( via BDD Database Agents)
  • 100% Pure Java

Operating Systems supported:

  • Java VM and Java OS


       The BDD JDBC driver supports all functions JDBC version 1.2 (for jdk 1.1) except for(temporaly):

  • getCatalog
  • setCatalog
  • getWarnings
  • clearWarnings


  • supportConvert
  • supportsTransactionIsolationLevel
  • getDefaultTransactionIsolation


  • setAsciiStream
  • setUnicodeStream
  • setBinaryStream


  • getAsciiStream
  • getUnicodeStream
  • getBinaryStream

      p.s. java.sql.Types.LONGVARCHAR and  java.sql.Types.LONGBINARY  temporarily have maximum length 32Kb.


     BDD ODBC driver

    The BDD ODBC driver is a generic high-perfomance 32-bit driver from ODBC complaint tools.


  • High Performance
  • ODBC 2.x comptaible
  • Builtin database independent communications layer
  • ODBC Core, Level 1 full support and Level 2 partial support
  • Concurent access to heterogeneous datasources ( via BDD Database Agents)

Operating Systems supported:

  • Windows 95/NT/2000


      The BDD ODBC driver is a 2.x ODBC driver that supports all core and level 1 functions plus the following level 2 functions(temporaly): 

  • SQLColumnPrivileges
  • SQLDescribeParam
  • SQLExtendedFetch (only SQL_FETCH_NEXT by 1 row or through Microsoft Cursor Library )
  • SQLForeignKeys
  • SQLMoreResults
  • SQLNumParam
  • SQLPrimaryKeys
  • SQLProcedureColumns
  • SQLProcedures
  • SQLSetPos (through Microsoft Cursor Library only)
  • SQLTablePrivileges

     p.s. SQL_LONGVARCHAR and SQL_LONGBINARY temporarily have maximum length 32Kb.

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